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what's up gamers welcome to my minecraft let's play

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hey! i'm chia/jb/irl name or kin names!

21 / male / ♊️ + 龙
aus [nsw]
intp - 5w6

Don't Follow If:
basic dnfi criteria [racist, trans/homophobic, etc]you actively post hate for my interests in the top list here. especially so for borderlands and sdr2. i don't mind if you don't like them, but i don't feel great seeing constant hate of them.you know and hate my friends.you're here for/to start drama. please don't.

Important To Note:
if you have any triggers you need tagged, let me know! i have pretty standard triggers but id also really appreciate animal abuse/harm/death as well as death of a twin/sibling to be tagged.if possible, please put a warning for images of inner wrists, non realistic art of wrists is fine, realistic depictions or actual photos of inner wrists freak me out. it's okay if you don't always tag it, since that's difficult, but if in dms or direct convo please try to avoid it. i'm working on getting through this as an issue but still need a little patience.i'm completely cool w doubles as long as you guys are too! this is a part of my identity but its not something i want to fight over - its a way of expressing myself, coping, and a way of feeling stable in my identity and real life self. friends > kin always.i get easily overwhelmed w/ one on one communication, i'm not trying to ignore you i'm just not great at that stuff. i'm cool w double texting and even for you to send more messages later on, you're not annoying or upsetting me, i promise!if we're irl friends and you'd like to follow me here, just hit that like comment and subscribe button. i get that kin stuff isn't everyones thing so i try to keep it away from people i know unless they don't mind it. no pass required from y'all, you already know me.i am critical of my interests, i'm not going to pretend like any/all of them are perfect. however depending how i am, i may be defensive if it's one-on-one for something i really care about.i have unlisted kins, but they're mostly obscure as hell. if we double i'll let you knowif you have a problem with something i've said or done, please talk to me about it! i don't do well with passive aggressiveness and i'm always wanting to better myself and fix mistakes. i don't want to make folks upsetfinally, taglists will soon be added to story highlights, please respond if you want tags!

fun facts!

mentally ill [wont usually go into detail] + medicatedsingle and not looking to date - i like both boys and girls tho!welsh/scottish + irish/eurasianso white, basically. my dads side is a bit of a mystery, i hope one day to do a genealogy test on thatagnostic, was raised christianmy favorite color is yellow! i love lots of colors though [ironically i have tritanopia which makes certain yellows hard to see]i draw! sometimes i post my art on here and take suggestionsi also love cross stitch, as well as needle felting and other craft stuffi can play bass, piano, sometimes guitar, and learning otamatonei play games! click for the full list but at the moment i mostly play ac, borderlands, splatoon, pokemon, fortnite. feel free to ask for my friend codes, even if we haven't really talked much! i have a steam code, battlenet tag, ds + switch friend codes, psn, and other things i probably can't think of now!i say certain characters are my brother, he doesnt actually kin [doesnt know what it is either] its just that i see him as them, theyre almost always siblings to my kins which is the main reasoning for it. ik this seems weird thats just how it be sometimes yknow. pitykinning for daysif you toughed out this list and want to let me know you read it, feel free to slap a yellow emoji on the end of the pass!bwehh

multiplayer shit i play

overwatch, borderlands [ALL], hunt showdown, minecraft, stardew valley, fallout [new vegas, 4, 76 ew], dead by daylight, among us, fortnite, transformice

borderlands [2+presequel+3], hunt showdown

pokemon [actively playing platinum, omega ruby, moon], new leaf

animal crossing, borderlands [1+2+presequel], fortnite, minecraft, pokemon [shield + mystery dungeons], splatoon, stardew valley

abyssrium, dragonvale, pokemon go, pocket camp


things that mean the world to me

talk to me about these and i will love you forever!

death noteanimal crossingmarinadeadpool [+movies+360/ps3 game]
la frequencia kirlian/the kirlian frequencyborderlandspanic! at the discothe discworld series
pokemon [tv+movies]pokemon [especially pearl + soulsilver]/jthm + squee
spiderman: itsvsuper danganronpa 2/mindhunter/crime novels

other big faves

bioshockclowns [NOT evil]
fall out boycryptids + scp [mothman and fresno nightcrawler are my faves]
falloutdesign and technology/engineering
gravity fallsfurbies
horror movies/stories/gameslaw, criminology, true crime
jersey boysmodern north korean history + biographies
law and order svuotamatones
lemon demonrobotic engineering and ai in general
lil nas xrodents
the lonely islandscience [i did bio and chem in school but i love marine + physics too]
the magnus archivessharks!
msi [cursed ik]worm on a string baby!!!!
minecraf...youtubers/streamers oboeshoesgames, lavendertowne, michael reeves, sorrowtv, onetopicatatime, the click, kurtis connor, drew gooden, danny gonzales, cole hersch, watcher/buzzfeed unsolved [ryan bergara, shane madej], theodd1sout + jaidenanimations
stardew valley 
terrible dating sims 
they might be giants 
we happy few 

these are my ids - all are equally as important to me! in order of when i first id as them

dirk striderhomestuck
terezi pyropehomestuck
chiaki nanamisuper danganronpa 2
haruka tenohsailor moon
kanna kamuidragon maid
mae borowskinight in the woods
jake peraltabrooklyn 99
mei ling zhouoverwatch
timothy lawrenceborderlands
rhys strongforktales from the borderlands
tyreen calypsoborderlands
tntinafortnite [unironic]
agent jonesfortnite [again.]

lately i am also tagging myself as maya from borderlands, she isn't a kin but she's a major comfort character! if you kin her i love you so much

to shorten this page, i've moved some more obscure/low shifted kins to a separate optional list that's linked below secondaries! synpaths will also be there.

primaries - ie not quite ids but still high up!

bucky barnesmarvel
charlie kellyit's always sunny
detective grimoiredetective grimoire
detective pikachu/harry goodmandetective pikachu
isabelleanimal crossing
lewismystery skulls
martin blackwoodthe magnus archives
michiru kagemoribna
peter b parkerinto the spiderverse
poe dameronstar wars
rose ticostar wars
tsuyu asuihero academia
wade wilson/deadpooldeadpool [all media]

secondaries - ie lower than primary, but still a kin

charlie emily five night's at freddy's
fox mulder the x files
genos one punch man
glimmer she ra
hiro hamada big hero 6
jim halpert the office
kai'saleague of legends
komaru naegidr ultra despair girls
marceline/marshall lee abadeeradventure time
mituna captor homestuck
moze borderlands 3
peter parker spiderman [ps4]
tom lucitor star vs the forces of evil
troy barnescommunity


dragon android latias
harp seal enderman lugia
moth ghost mudbray
rodents [raccoons, bats, rats, possums, etc] glitchpalkia
tiefling snivy
k bladerunner 2049
lee ping detentionaire
megpoid gumivocaloid
parappa parappa the rapper
pippin took lord of the rings
tiffany aching discworld series
yuri katsuki yuri!!! on ice
barney stinson how i met your mother
blanca animal crossing
buttercup powerpuff girls
cjanimal crossing
clemont pokemon xy
connordetroit: become human
elma dragon maid
flurry animal crossing
haru okumurapersona 5
hyde that 70s show
jyn erso star wars [rogue one]
K1B0 danganronpa
l lawliet death note
lovelitchi tamagotchi
luci disenchantment
miradimension w
mitsuha miyamizukimi no na wa/your name
mumei kabaneri of the iron fortress
panda we bare bears
professor hidgens the guy who didn't like musicals
rafael barba law and order svu
shadow henchmanfortnite
stitch lilo and stitch
alois trancy black butler
bojack bojack horseman
finch all the bright places
lanque bombyx hiveswap
will graham hannibal
buddy thunderstruck buddy thunderstruck
catkid catkid [book series]
cj7 cj7
crowleygood omens
genji shimada overwatch
gortys tales from the borderlands
hapu pokemon
hilda/white pokemon
kevin pricebook of mormon
piper emergence
richie tozier it
sasorinaruto shippuden
shade borderlands
shouko a silent voice

coping - mostly shifted in meltdowns, or to make myself feel better.

alice detroit: become human
amanda brotzmandirk gently
bev marsh it
connor murphy dear evan hansen
ghost antman and the wasp
heather duke heathers
mangle five night's at freddy's
shinji ikari neon genesis evangelion
vanny five nights at freddy's

questioning - unsure on whether these are kins or not

blake belladonnarwby
five umbrella academy
kofuku ibisu noragami
lunala pokemon
natsuki doki doki literature club
ryo asuka devilman crybaby

note: i have psychosis amongst others, which means that a few of these are DAs. i don't like using the term, i don't like calling myself delusional, but it helps others understand, i guess. they're lumped into the id section since i just like. count them as ids for ease sake. doubles are ok and valid, and you don't need to post invals, which probably sounds contradictory to the beliefs that come with it. i'm very much medicated, and i'm a lot better than i used to be about doubles. i don't want my mental issues stopping me from potentially talking to people who like the same things as me! but yeah. in my head they aren't so much a kin as they are just Me. they're the ones marked with ☆

i'll also note: a few of these are from borderlands. i feel kinda bad having a heap from the same source but the series as a whole has got me through a lot and has been in my life for a decade.

back when i was 100% in the thick of psychosis my identity was built around these on the list. i'm a lot better now but they're still like. ingrained. idk how to describe it

anyway here's a billion gifs. click the star up top to go back

comfort characters!

this page is a wip. anyone in the ships categories are comfort charas that i don't want to put in the list for space sake. feel free to send me any pics/art/etc of these guys! if you kin them i will die for you.

i am in love with you: the list

peanut valentine [crush crush]

as silly as it is crush crush is a big comfort. peanuts my best girl!

vaughn [borderlands]

i am unfortunately a rhys kinnie. even if i weren't vaughn would still be one of my biggest epic gamer crushes

krobus [stardew]

little dude!! little cryptid! i love youuuuuuuu

arthur [mystery skulls]


general comfort charas

fiona + sasha







[bang! dream]

tracy mcconnell

[how i met your mother]

jade harley


every fucking vault hunter. all of them. most characters too.



[monster prom]



vivi + mystery

[mystery skulls]


bolded are my current faves


[mystery skulls]

[animal crossing]

[animal crossing]

buddy/darnell [buddy thunderstruck]

mozara [borderlands]

toukomaru [danganronpa]


maya/krieg [borderlands]

[star wars]

[star wars]

[bad. homestuck]



deadpool/cable [marvel]


meihem [overwatch]



[sailor moon]


[she ra]

[league of legends]


zerelei [borderlands]

angel/gaige [borderlands]

mordecai/brick [borderlands]

zane/zed [borderlands]


mulan/li shang



genyatta [overwatch]

mchanzo [overwatch]

pharitte [overwatch]

pharmercy [overwatch]

roadrat [overwatch]

my wonderful friends who have to deal with my cursed content

along with the characters i tag them as, some are pitykins

liz [@terezikin]

terezi + latula [homestuck]

veronica [heathers]

emma [tgwdlm]

vivi [msa]

eris [@alar.comet]

kit [fortnite]

lexa [fortnite]

chihiro [danganronpa]

shiro [bna]

morgan @whatglittersismine

midas [fortnite]

hux [star wars]

junko [danganronpa]

zach [@clubtrashmouth]

richie [IT]

komaeda [danganronpa]

kyle @deer_eyes_cosplay

miles morales [marvel]

elias [tma]

chaos agent [fortnite]

mancake [fortnite]

kondor [fortnite]

felix @bilbokin

kylo ren [star wars]

bilbo baggins [lotr]

pinkie pie [mlp]

lagoona blue [mh]

entrapta [she ra]

jackie [t70s]

mina @hotpinkhotline

gina [b99]

mina [bnha]

draculaura [monster high]


felix [boyfriends]

mika [seraph of the end]

mamoru chiba [sailor moon]

momo yaoyorozu [bnha]


adrien [boyfriends]

usagi [sailor moon]

tohru honda [fruits basket]

all my other mutuals! not sure who else to add so that's it for now <3

that's it! sorry it's a bit long but yeah.
the password isn't required, but it lets me know you've read all this!

also, if you're rqing me first and you feel up to it, i like to know where folks have found me from, so feel free to lemme know which mutual/person sent you this way!

pass: hey there, superfan or art of our kins together!